Justin Bieber Being Sued By Paparazzi

Justin Bieber Being Sued By Paparazzi

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Photo credit: Getty / Stuart Franklin

Justin Bieber is getting sued by the photographer he accidentally drove over as he was leaving a church event back in 2017.

As paparazzi swarmed Bieber’s lifted Dodge Ram 2500 pickup in Beverly Hills, he ran over photographer, William Wilson.

Following the incident, Bieber immediately pulled over and tried to assist Wilson. He stayed until police arrived, and cooperated with a full report.

The police then ruled the incident an accident, due to Justin being blinded from all the camera’s flashing. Police also said Wilson should not have been in the street.

Two years later, Wilson is now suing Justin Bieber. According to Wilson’s attorney, they’re only suing because settlement talks with Justin’s insurance resulted in a “lowball” offer.

Wilson is claiming Bieber was being negligent while pulling out the driveway, and he suffered “permanent disability, emotional damages, and general damages.”

After claiming all these permanent disabilities, Wilson doesn’t specify his injuries. Here’s the video he posted his hospital bed.

General damages?? It sounds like someone is looking for a pay day!

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