Actor Omari Hardwick Enrages The Beyhive For Kissing Beyonce

Actor Omari Hardwick Enrages The Beyhive For Kissing Beyonce

Photo credit: Getty Images

The Beyhive is BIG MAD at Empire Actor Omari Hardwick for trying to swoop in for a kiss on the lips! Beyonce fans were enraged after footage of the actor showed him kissing the singer twice on the cheek; the second time was a bit too friendly, just barely missing her lips. Fans called the act inappropriate, and uncalled for.

The video that went viral shows the Power actor greeting Beyonce at the 50th NAACP Image Awards, and by the end of the video, Beyonce’s facial expressions show how uncomfortable she felt.

Bey took home the “Entertainer Of The Year” award, and when the actor congratulated her, he embraced the singer and showed a bit too much of affection, while Jay-Z was just feet away!

Many took to Instagram to argue that “this is what the ‘Me Too’ movement stands for; moments in which women find themselves in uncomfortable situations with men.”

Fans of the Beyhive even took to his page, putting “bee” emojis all over his comments.

Bey’s only got one bae, and Omari, you ain’t it!

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