#SurvivingCardiB, Rapper Used to “Drug Men Up And Rob Them Of Their Money”

#SurvivingCardiB, Rapper Used to “Drug Men Up And Rob Them Of Their Money”

Photo credit: Getty / Emma McIntyre

Cardi B is receiving a lot of backlash from her recent comments on Instagram Live.

The rapper was announcing her idea to write a book, “Life as a B*tch That Came from the Streets.” Cardi reveals that she used to “drug and rob men.”  

Cardi considers herself a real hustler, and shared her stories of when she used to do “dirt.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go back to this hotel, and I drugged n***gas up, and I robbed them.” Cardi confessed when she used to be a stripper.

Following these comments on her Instagram, people on social media created the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB. This hashtag was curated as a reference to the recent Lifetime docu-series Surviving R.Kelly, which covered allegations of multiple acts of sexual abuse by R.Kelly.

We all know Cardi B has no shame in being from the streets, but should she glorify this behavior?

Cardi then expresses how she wasn’t a Disney channel star, nor was she a saint. She is really from the streets.

Cardi, we know you a gangsta, but damn girl!

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