Daniel Sturridge On Professional Soccer Career, Starting A Record Label, + Thoughts On 21 Savage

Daniel Sturridge On Professional Soccer Career, Starting A Record Label, + Thoughts On 21 Savage

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Daniel Sturridge stops by The Cruz Show to discuss his professional soccer career, his label ‘Dudley Road Records’, and he shares his thoughts on 21 Savage being from the UK.

Speaking with The SportsDude and Lechero of the morning crew, Sturridge talks his shortcomings after not securing a football title and how losing are also learning lessons that everyone can relate to. Daniel says, “When you don’t achieve what you want and you get so close, you’re eager to put it right. You’re eager to be successful. I think in every walk of life everyone wants to be successful. You know, they want to be able to celebrate.” Sturridge continues, “You want to be able to celebrate and have a vibe and some drinks, you know?

Establishing his own record label, Dudley Road Records, the pro soccer player details why he wanted to go into the music business and how he supports his growing roster of artists.

Just from a kid really. I’ve always loved music. I’ve always wanted to kind of explore the creativity but I kind of feel like, now I’m more in tune with the business side as well as the creativity side. You know, I’m in the sessions with my artists. I do everything, I help with everything. So, it’s great to be a part of it.

While Daniel is from across the pond, the record label honcho shares his comments on rapper 21 Savage’s recent U.S. deportation.

I was like, yo, I thought he was American. I’m going to be real. That’s how it felt. That’s how I felt by it. So, for me, I saw all of the memes online and I saw all of that stuff and was like,’Yo these people are going too crazy!’ The internet never loses man. But, you know what, it’s like, they make a joke out of a man’s downfall and this is his actual life people talking about, you know what I’m saying? It’s hilarious to some people, but this guy, it’s his life. It’s not even funny to me. I feel like it’s a serious situation.

Peep the full interview below!

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