A Piece Of Lil’ Wayne’s History Is Selling For $250K

A Piece Of Lil’ Wayne’s History Is Selling For $250K

Photo credit: Getty / Theo Wargo

Lil Wayne’s lyric notebook, from ’99, is being sold for $250K and the rapper isn’t the one selling it!

Back when Wayne was an up-coming rapper at just 17-years-old, he actually wrote out his lyrics. One lucky guy found the notebook in a car that belonged to Cash Money Records once upon a time.

The guy was able to poke through whatever was left in the car before the dealership got a hold of it and struck gold.

He said he stored the notebook in his garage and was fortunately not destroyed when Hurricane Katrina hit. There’s a little water damage but nothing too bad.

We just hope whoever buys this piece of hip-hop history understands exactly what he’s in possession of.

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