Siggy Jackson Defends Michael Jackson & Family + Blasts Wade Robson For HBO Doc

Siggy Jackson Defends Michael Jackson & Family + Blasts Wade Robson For HBO Doc

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Siggy Jackson, son of Jackie Jackson and nephew of the late Michael Jackson, came through to the Cruz Show to set all the records straight surrounding the controversial HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’. One of the eldest Jackson children, Siggy is standing to not only defend his King of Pop Uncle, but he spoke with The Cruz Show to stand by his Jackson blood line.

Siggy passionately shared his stance on why the Media and more importantly Michael Jackson’s accusers are attempting to spread lies for monetary gain and attention. While Siggy comes from an entertainment dynasty that has impacted music, culture, and influence, Siggy makes it clear to state that he is not afraid to fight for his family and say what he wants.

A lot of my family has been, I’m going to say scrutinized. They’ve already formed opinions. And people like my Father and my Aunt, they can’t really speak because if they say anything out of order, they’re going to be judged. Well you know what? I’m not going to f*cking get judged! I’m the second generation. I’m here to tell it what it is. They have to be courtesy and classy. Well you know what? I’m here to come to be nasty.

As Siggy states, Michael Jackson was the type of person to always be generous and welcoming to everyone. “My uncle was the type and he said it like this, ‘When they go low, you go high.’ It’s that simple. You could say what you want about me but like he said, ‘The truth runs marathons.’’ Siggy shares that Wade Robson, a prominent face in the HBO documentary and former friend and now accuser of Michael, continues to spread lies in the media when Michael is innocent. When asked what he believes Michael would say to Robson and other accusers, Siggy stated, “To be honest, I don’t think my Uncle would say anything. He would say, in fact, ‘You’re a liar’ and he would release the wolves on him. Drag him through court.”

After the release of the HBO documentary, many companies took precautionary action to remove Michael Jackson’s art and music from their catalogs and rosters. One of those people was rapper Drake who removed his “Don’t Matter To Me” track from his current trek across the United Kingdom. Also, John Legend recently shared his opinion with The Cruz Show about the documentary, which Siggy shared his thoughts.

Well, you know what, to be honest, John’s entitled to his opinion. I mean, the other day I was watching something they saying Drake took Mike’s song off whatever. But, I’m going to tell you like this. I’m a simple man. I work on bikes, I fix cars, we do real estate, ok, so it comes down to this: I never seen Drake talk sh*t about nobody that didn’t talk sh*t about him. I never seen that man start no drama. As far as The Simpsons, and everything, I would call that smart business.

Speaking on the truth and what could possibly bring this situation to a close, Jackson states, “No one is still looking at the basics. So they took all of the basics that he lied under oath. He lied about his wife, he lied to my sister, he lied to Britney Spears, he lied to Justin Timberlake.” Siggy continues, “ Let’s just add up all the lies, and lies, and lies. And then you go, oh, I believe this lie he’s saying.’ So I’m going to say it to all you people out there and I’m going to say it straight up, ‘F*ck you guys for being idiots. I can’t believe you’re this stupid. I’m tired of my family being “F’d” with.”

Watch the full interview below and see what Siggy Jackson has to say about his Uncle’s death, his relationship with his cousin Paris Jackson, and much more below.

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