Marlon Wayans Opposes Michael Jackson Doc + Shares What He Learned From JLo & Jim Carrey

Marlon Wayans Opposes Michael Jackson Doc + Shares What He Learned From JLo & Jim Carrey

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Marlon Wayans stopped by the studio after J Cruz hosted one of his comedy shows recently at La Brea Improv. Aside from clowning The Cruz Show the entire time, Marlon talks about the Michael Jackson and R. Kelly documentaries and why the country needs prison reform.

Coming from a long lineage of comedic genius, Marlon stopped back through the Cruz Morning show where he expressed that although he’s in a good place in his life in all aspects, when it comes to perfecting his craft and getting to a new level of success, Marlon says:

I just got work to do. I don’t judge me. It’s not on me to judge me, it’s on the people to judge me. I just know that there is more for me to get and I’m going to work myself until I tap into greatness. Greatness is something that you tap in to and I don’t know if I’ll ever know I’m great; Even though I am great, I want to be greater. I’m not happy with “great.”

Wayans didn’t hold back his thoughts concerning the controversial Leaving Neverland HBO documentary that is bringing past Michael Jackson accusers back into the limelight.

I don’t like this whole, what do you call it? Witch hunts. I’m not a part of it. That man is dead. Let him rest. He went to court and he was found innocent. I just think at a point, you know it gotta stop. If a man goes to court and the court says he’s innocent, or whatever happens, and he didn’t go to jail…You can say Cosby guilty, he’s spending time in jail; he went through the judicial process. I don’t think that these public lynchings and these public witch hunts, I’m not apart of that. I reserve my opinion for after it goes to court. I get all the facts and then I say, you know, I make my own decisions.

Speaking on the recent R. Kelly and Leaving Neverland Interviews, Marlon shares that critics should not be upset with Oprah for doing her job as an interviewer and not to side with the opinions that social media urges everyone to go along with the current temperature of how things stand.

Everybody has a job to do. I don’t like Social Media anymore because I feel like people have too many f*cking opinions! We all have jobs to do. Oprah has a job to do. Her job is to interview people. Not skew opinions but to interview people. You can’t be mad at Oprah because she did an interview. You can do an interview but please, let us all stop jumping on these bandwagons because what they’re doing is programming our thoughts. They are programming what we feel.

Marlon also goes on to talk about his parenting style and his relationship with his children, shares how he saved J Cruz’s comedic set at the Brea Improv, and much more.

Watch the full Marlon Wayans x The Cruz Show interview below:

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