Jacquees Talks ‘Round 2’ Album Details, King Of R&B Advice Quavo Shared + Opinion On Michael Jackson

Jacquees Talks ‘Round 2’ Album Details, King Of R&B Advice Quavo Shared + Opinion On Michael Jackson

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There has been much conversation going around of who is the actual King Of R&B since the self-proclaimed Jacquees dropped his name in the ring as the leading singer for this current generation of crooners. Coming through to the Cruz Show to talk details about his sophomore album Round 2, the Cash Money signee also shares what he has cooking with Migos member Quavo, gives his opinion on R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, and also fills us in on who inspired him to be the singer he is today.

Jumping straight into the King of R&B title, Jacquees tells the morning crew that he is reminiscent of earlier R&B singers who captured the feeling of the genre during the 90’s and says that he is putting on for his generation.

I feel like, I’m just the one to do it for my generation. I’m the one that bring that feeling. You know what I’m saying? I feel like I’m the one that just make you feel like how every King made you feel before me. And then I done put in the work. You know I got 10 mixtapes out. I done dropped 10 mixtapes. He continues, “I got an album out. I got a lot of stuff I done did. And, I just been around for a long time with my generation. I been dropping music, really, since I was 13, you know?

The “You” singer also shares that his sophomore album is a bit more on a mature side, having drawn inspiration from his new personal life experiences saying, “It’s more mature. My conversation, I ain’t just talking about sex. You know what I’m saying? It’s not just strictly sex. People know me for just like, sex music.”

Jacquees also goes on to share the message that Quavo sent him when he donned himseld the new King of R&B.

When I said I was the King of R&B, Quavo text me and was like, ‘When we [Migos] said we was the culture we stood on it.’ He was like, you doing the King of R&B, I’m going to help you stand on it.

Sharing his thoughts and comments on R Kelly & Michael Jackson, and using their situations as an example of the direction he wishes not to follow and always do the right thing with his life and career.

I mean, listen, wrong is wrong and right is right. I gotta stand on that ‘cause they’ll twist this sh*t up and say that I said some other sh*t. So anybody doing the wrong sh*t, ‘cause I’m not with the child sh*t at all, you know what I’m saying. But, it’s like, I just see like, damn, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson. I used to love The Cosby Show, me and my sister used to watch that sh*t every night. My big sister used to love R. Kelly, and then Michael Jackson? Damn, wrong is wrong, and right is right.

Jacquees also shares his past experiences working in the local night club and local barbershops, how he would win all talent shows growing up, cooking advice he gets from his rapper girlfriend Dreezy, and much more.

Watch the full interview below:

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