Adam22 On Armed Robbery Incident, Explains Semi-Open Relationship w/ Girlfriend + Upcoming YG Project

Adam22 On Armed Robbery Incident, Explains Semi-Open Relationship w/ Girlfriend + Upcoming YG Project

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This week Youtuber Adam22 was held at gunpoint in his store ONSOMESHIT while on live-stream, but the attacker was quickly tackled down and arrested. After reports of the gun being a set prop, many are saying the event was staged for more views to his channel. We asked him what really happened!

Adam22 made his return to The Cruz Show to discuss exactly what went down and explains everything that the online camera didn’t show and what his audience didn’t see. Speaking on the ambush, the YouTuber says, “So I was basically just chilling in the back of my store doing a live-stream. It was my first live-stream in like two weeks because I just had been in Australia for a while, doing some festivals. I have a gun posted up at the door, he’s armed. And then we had food delivered. And this guy sneaks in, passed, like, my guy, when he’s bringing the food in.” Adam continues detailing the incident adding, “And my guy’s just grabbing the food, like no big deal. He’s looking around, he thinks it’s all good. He doesn’t realize that there’s this kid posted up, lurking and like, hiding by this fence.”

While the suspect used a prop-movie gun for the incident, Adam expresses that the situation could have ended badly for the robber because his security almost opened fire on the suspect. Even though Adam is not sure who the suspect could be or any motive behind the attack, Adam suspects that it couldn’t be far-fetched to be a fan or someone he might have come in contact with in the past.

Moving on from detailing the incident, Adam goes on to shares his thoughts on the controversial Jussie Smollett case and depicts what it’s like to be involved in an open relationship with his girlfriend Lena The Plug.

I just thinks she wants to be involved more than anything. Like, she would be pissed if I f*cked some hot girl and she didn’t have the opportunity to get with her too. We’re sort of similarly aligned and sexually motivated part.

While their open relationship hasn’t surfaced any issues within their polyamorous agreement, Adam22 says, “I think ultimately our goal is just to be like really raw and really transparent with each other.”

Peep what Adam22 had to say about never working for MTV, his thoughts about rapper Chanel West Coast, his upcoming project with YG, and much more below.

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