Offset on ‘Father of 4’, Working w/ Metro Boomin & Money Management

Offset on ‘Father of 4’, Working w/ Metro Boomin & Money Management

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Offset checks in with The Cruz Show at Power 106 to talk about his latest album ‘Father of Four’ , what it was like having Metro Boomin on the production and how managing your money in hip hop plays a vital role.

‘Father Of 4’ dropped back on February 23rd and it is the final solo debut project to be released outside of Set’s reigning hip-hop group Migos. Featuring a more mature and detailed approach to the album, Offset tells J Cruz and Lechero, “I took my time with it, you know what I’m saying. And I was just focusing on the content. I took a lot of my past situations and put them forth, you know what I mean? So you could grow from it. I just want to grow, ‘cause I’m growing as an artist.”

The project is highlighted with production from his frequent collaborator Metro Boomin’ and Offset also reveals that his formula for creating hits these days follows the greats in the past; Set even drops that he has a stronger presence in his music production-wise, creating different layers and sounds with live instruments and effects.

We had two different rooms. So, he doing 16-hour sessions, I’m doing 16-hour sessions rapping’ He’s doing a 16-hour-session production. And then right before the album we did like another additional 12, just both of us in the room, saying what instruments sounded fire. A lot of the instruments on my album I’m actually doing too. Like, on “Don’t Lose It”, I’m whistling on that. And, I really don’t want to give this formula out ‘cause they’re going to start to eat it up. It’s like the old school days. It ain’t like nobody’s sending you an email with a pack of beats and you just happen to make one out of the six, you know what I mean?

Offset goes on to mention that he isn’t concerned about Social Media and the false pretense that many plague our timelines with nowadays and even confesses that he tells his wife Cardi B not to waste time and energy on internet trolls and the comments section of her Instagram account.

Peep the full Offset x The Cruz Show interview below:

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