Nipsey Hussle On “Racks in The Middle”, Puma Deal, & Giving Back To Los Angeles

Nipsey Hussle On “Racks in The Middle”, Puma Deal, & Giving Back To Los Angeles

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Los Angeles royalty was definitely in the building with the L.A. Leakers Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk! Nipsey Hussle came through to catch up the Lift Off on his new single plus what he’s been working on and has up his sleeve, and even shares the viral moment that almost had the rapper throw hands during a Lakers on-court brawl.

Being raised and reppping for LA, Nipsey is currently working to not only put out great music that reflects the city, but the Victory Lap rapper is making a difference in the community. Recently having a pop-up shop at his Marathon store-front, Hussle comments on what it means to have purchased real estate in the plaza that helped further his rap career.

On one level it’s sentimental because we grew up right there and that’s the corner that I’m connected to. And then on another level, it’s a great business move and a great piece of real estate to own. Especially right now with what’s going on with that train; that development on Crenshaw. Just the whole area. It’s a great piece of land to own. But, then also like y’all said, it’s connected to us in a much deeper way. My first Nipsey Hussle music was tested in that parking lot, you know what I mean, on just people. And just everything else took place in that parking lot, so full circle moment, for sure.

Justin and Sourmilk take it a few months back when the question pops up about the moment that had social media on fire during the Lakers brawl that broke out between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul during a heated game at the Staples Center.

I’m like, if it’s going to be a melee break out, I just want to be ready! I don’t want to get caught slipping. Pull my pants up and see what else is happening. That’s it. I wasn’t planning no attack. I wasn’t thinking about jumping; just like, if this sh*t spill around on me, you know, I don’t know what’s going on. That’s my instinct!

Hussle currently has major moves in the works on the music forefront and in merchandising. Being a part of the upcoming DJ Khaled album has helped the rapper develop a new strategy for future collaborations. Nip states, “I went to Miami and did a record for the ‘Father Of Ashad’ album. You know, me and Khaled, we sat and ate food with his family first, talked for like two-three hours, then he played me his album. Played me like seven videos. He got a monster project about to come out. Then he played the record for me. So you know, that order of doing it, that’s probably the new order for me when I do a collab with somebody. Let’s eat, let’s chop it, let’s have a convo, let’s vibe for a minute, then let’s do the music.” The rapper continues, “Because the record came out real personal, real close to me. I think it was just because of how we set up the session.”

With the Grammy ultimately being handed to the sensational Cardi B, Hussle comments on the moment he found out that he was nominated for the Best Rap Album category for this past Grammy Awards.

Yo first rap album, nominated for Best Rap Album after a mixtape career. And, just the unorthodox path that we took to putting out the album, you know what I mean. You know, I felt a gang of ways about it but just happy, inspired. Goes on to continue. Just being an artist [the acknowledgment] it means something. I felt motivated to do some more music.

Nipsey Hussle goes on to talk his endorsement deal with Puma and his branding deal with his Marathon company, his bucket list of dream collaborations, his forthcoming project with LA peer YG as well as his upcoming Meek Mill collabs that are expected to drop this summer.

Peep the full Nipsey Hussle x L.A. Leakers interview below:

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