Kodak Black Helps Woman Whose Car Flipped Over—& Put It On IG Live

Kodak Black Helps Woman Whose Car Flipped Over—& Put It On IG Live

Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for TIDAL

Kodak Black pulled up on a CRAZY scene and captured the moment for all his followers.

“Damn y’all this shit crazy man,” the rapper says as his phone camera pans to his dashboard and then his door swings open and a car turned on it’s side comes into view. Seemingly by coincidence, Kodak was taking a drive in the wee hours of the morning when he cam up on a woman who had gotten in a wreck. The woman pops her head out of the side of the car, still on its side.

“Damn dog somebody just flipped over, look at this lady man” the “Zeze” rapper continues. He approaches the woman and asks if she needs help. Kodak then proceeds to help her out of the car and other voices are heard in the background. Presumably another good samaritan that stopped to help. They other voices asks if there are other people in the car and says they are going to contact the police.

Kodak then says “I’m not gonna call the police…I just wanted to see if you was straight.” His followers start commenting on the live suspecting the woman may be intoxicated because she then asks him repeatedly “Kodak, Kodak, can you come here please?” then says “No no no please don’t call the cops.” Uh-Oh this is all bad.

The woman and the unidentified voice go back and forth about whether she could call the police, then Kodak abruptly says, “Aye God bless you man, I’m not here for these cops though.” L-O-L. Listen, Kodak was tryna do the right thing but he was NOT here for 5-0 OKUURRR.

THEN, the rapper gets back in his car and drives off, all while still on his live. The entire incident was WILD. Watch for yourself below!

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