Will Smith Is Back For Ep 2 Of “Will Smith’s Bucket List”

Will Smith Is Back For Ep 2 Of “Will Smith’s Bucket List”

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI

He’s jumped out of planes, done the “In My Feelings Challenge” on a bridge in Budapest and now he’s swimming with sharks. This is a day in the life of Big Willy.

Will Smith says he’s accomplished everything he’s ever dreamed in life and now he wants to conquer his greatest fears in order to gain the “divine wisdom” he says he’s still seeking. That’s why he’s following in his wife’s footsteps and taking to Facebook for his new show “Will Smith’s Bucket List”. He teased episode two via his Instagram page earlier today, to let fans know that he would be facing what he says is his greatest fear; swimming with sharks…tiger sharks to be exact *GULPS*.

“When you’re not afraid to die. You’re no longer afraid to live,” Will explains. In the start of the episode the actor chats with Paul de Gelder, an ex Australian army pair trooper and navy clearance diver who got attacked by a shark in 2009 while doing an counter terrorism exercise. The two discuss Will’s desire to “I feel there’s a part of me that has to…The major thing that I’m still seeking is, I know theres more than that. And I know that my fear of the unknown is keeping me from that divine wisdom.”

To watch the full episode click HERE.

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