YNW Melly Pleads Not Guilty In Double Murder Charge

YNW Melly Pleads Not Guilty In Double Murder Charge

Photo Credit: Broward’s Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

The rapper is maintaining his innocence in the murder of his two friends.

Today in court YNW Melly has entered a plea of not guilty. Melly is continuing to maintain his position, that he’s being set up by the justice system. Technically though, he’s never denied the murders though. He posted to his Instagram the day he turned himself in. Part of his caption read “unfortunately a lot of rumors and lies are being said but no worries god is with me and my brother @ynw.bortlen and we want y’all to remember it’s a ynw Family”.

Melly and YNW Bortlen are facing first-degree murder charges for the murders of their friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. Police say the murder scene was set up to look like a drive by but they believe Melly and Bortlen set them up and that Melly was the gunman. Get caught up on the whole story HERE.

Just a few days before he turned himself in, he came through to Power 106 to chop it up with DJ Felli Fel. If you haven’t checked out that interview watch it below: