Elhae On Recruiting Wale, O.T. Genasis For ‘Trouble In Paradise’ + Why R&B Needs Stronger Community

Elhae On Recruiting Wale, O.T. Genasis For ‘Trouble In Paradise’ + Why R&B Needs Stronger Community

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Elhae just dropped his new album ‘Trouble in Paradise’ featuring artists like Wale, O.T. Genesis and…our very own Bryhana. In this interview, they get into what inspired the album and play a round of “Never Have I Ever.”

The North Dakota bred and ATL raised artist has been breaking through the R&B core to make sure his sound stands out in a competitive music scene. As a songwriter and musician, Elhae began his music career early on, taking piano lessons and singing in church growing up and is now signed to Atlantic Records.

Having recruited names like O.T. Genasis, Wale, Sevyn Streeter and more for his ‘Trouble In Paradise’ project, Elhae tells Bryhana what the recording process was like for the album and selects his favorite track.

I took my time with it. I took so long with, it that like I tried to make sure that I had a favorite every time I recorded something. Everything that is on it, that made it, I consider it to be a favorite. Because there are so many other ones that fell on the cutting room floor, you know what I mean? But out of the ones that’s on the project, I guess, “I Don’t Belive In Love” is like a big one.

With the state of R&B being in a pivotal moment in music, Elhae expresses that he wishes that his fellow peers showed more camaraderie in the industry. Speaking on a conversation he once had with his manager about artists being more supportive, the singer says:

It’s a lot more unity involved in rap than it is in R&B. And when I posted that tweet, or when I said that, it was a lot of people chiming in saying like, ‘Yeah, I remember like back int he day when Mariah Carey was doing this with Babyface, it was a lot more like, unity in R&B back in the day, opposed to now. Like, who doesn’t want to see a 6lack and Bryson collaboration, you know what I mean? Like no-brainers. And, that tour should have happened years ago, you know what I mean? You just don’t see it as often as you should.

Watch below and find out what Elhae has to say about his album and who actually won a game of “Never Have I Ever”.

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