Jordyn Woods “Blacked-Out” Drunk During Hook-up With Tristan Thompson

Jordyn Woods “Blacked-Out” Drunk During Hook-up With Tristan Thompson

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Jordyn Woods is now claiming she can’t handle her liquor! Apparently Kylie’s now “ex-bestie” says she was down to make out with Tristan Thompson ONLY because she was drunk.

According to TMZ, she was begging Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian for forgiveness. She even admitted she made a ridiculous mistake because she was FADED, FADED, FADED.

Woods was already LIT AF before even getting to Tristan’s house, and when she got there, best believe she cuddled up next to him all night.

TMZ states that sources report Jordyn doesn’t normally drink, and when she does, “it usually ends badly.” Apparently, Woods started crying when the news leaked about her “mess-up” and Kylie was absolutely taken-aback.

While news outlets have been reporting Tristan and Jordyn were keeping their hook-ups a secret for a month, Kylie doesn’t even believe the news for her and her bestie would tell each other EVERYTHING.

JW also seemed to address the situation at a launch event for her new eyelash line and claimed, “It’s been real.”


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Jordyn’s first outing since the news broke…she is currently at her launch event for @eylureofficial @kseniyadurst

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Yikes girl, you had ONE JOB!

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