Thought The Eminem + MGK Beef Was Dead? You Were Wrong

Thought The Eminem + MGK Beef Was Dead? You Were Wrong

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Well, fans may have thought the Eminem VS MGK beef was all but dead…turns out it’s alive and well folks.

By dead we don’t mean they kiss and made up…but after the two rappers traded disstracks; Eminem with “Killshot” and MGK with “Rap Devil”, of course fans were divided on who was the “real” winner. Although Em’s audio had more views on YouTube. Since the two made all that commotion in the ocean there really hasn’t been much outside of that aside from a little splash or two. This lead most of the world to believe they had kind of moved on an maybe agreed to disagree? Well it doesn’t look that way!

This all started when Eminem was at a show of his in Australia and fans began to chant “Killshot, Killshot, Killshot.” Em then turns to his DJ to ask if he hears the crowd, before saying into the mic: “I would, but I can’t give that c**ksucker anymore f***in’ light.” Then he goes on to say, “Make some noise for your f***in-selves and make nothing for MGK.” Watch the video below:

It didn’t take MGK too long to express his thoughts via Twitter…

So to reiterate…the two rappers still have the same feelings for each other they were both just busying minding their business and getting that shmoney to acknowledge it. Until now of course. MGK had a supporting role in Netflix’s super popular Birdbox while Em has been touring and working on new music like his song with Boogie, “Rainy Days”. Click “>HERE to watch their music video.

And just incase you feel like reliving the September 2018 beef between the two rappers, you can listen to their diss tracks again below:

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