Lala Milan On BET ‘Boomerang’ Series, Working w/ Lena Waithe + Transitioning From Instagram to Acting

Lala Milan On BET ‘Boomerang’ Series, Working w/ Lena Waithe + Transitioning From Instagram to Acting

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Lala Milan came popping into the Cruz Show to chop it up with the morning crew about her experience being a part of the new BET original series ‘Boomerang’.

Gaining popularity from viral social media moments, highlighted on her Instagram account, the comedian and now solidified actress shares her experience coming into a new career path with the BET series. Speaking on the success of the first episodes and premiere, Lala has come into contact with veteran actors in the business who are familiar with the classic 90s Boomerang film, and have great reviews of the updated series.

Well, the thing is, I’m going to be honest, humbly speaking, that’s been kind of the thing with the whole Instagram, you know. But, I’m stepping into another realm, another level. I haven’t met like, any super crazy people or anything like that, but, I will say the people who’s supporting the show, it’s crazy. They snuck Jada Pinkett in the back to do a screening. I’m seeing a whole bunch of amazing actors from back-in-the-day who was like, ‘Oh, I love it.’ and they’re in Lena’s comments, they’re coming to our comments, and they’re just like, ‘Love this show! Can’t wait to see more!’

The multi-faceted comedian and entrepreneur also comments on her current relationship with her boyfriend of three years whom Lala credits for her continued growth in entertainment. As she states that she might make more money than her significant other at the moment, LaLa points out that being able to work with her man inspires her to be greater. Speaking on her future goals and her hopes for her career, Lala says, “I’m trying to get a little bit of everything, honestly. People always ask that question and it’s just like, I just want to be ‘internationale.’” Lala continues, “I’m trying to just take it all across the world and be the best that I can be. There’s no limit on what I can do. I’m not trying to box myself into just one thing. I’m trying to do it all.”

Peep the full Lala x Cruz Show interview below:

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