In-n-Out Inspired Puma Sneakers Already Sold-Out!

In-n-Out Inspired Puma Sneakers Already Sold-Out!

Photo credit: Johnjay & Rich

Puma came through with the In-n-Out inspired sneakers called “Cali-O Drive Thru,” but for all you stans out there…it’s too late!

The shoes debuted on President’s Day and SOLD-OUT by Tuesday, retailing at $120 a pair.


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#PUMA creates #InNOut inspired sneakers and are already SOLD-OUT! Would y’all cop?🤔👇🏽👀

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It wasn’t an official collab with In-n-Out, which is probably why it was so limited.

In-N-Out’s vice president of operations, Denny Warnick, said they are looking into sending a cease and desist letter.

The famous burger restaurant is known to go after companies who try to imitate their trademark.

They don’t play games and the palm-printed shoelaces on the sneakers is what gave them away.

In-N-Out was recently ranked #19 having the worst fries, according to a food critic.

Lucas Peterson said they’re “bland, crumbly little matchsticks.” But best believe In-N-Out fans gave him a piece of their mind!

Even Mayor Eric Garcetti chimed in on Twitter and said he, “respectfully disagrees.”

Don’t come for California y’all! You don’t want that smoke!

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