YNW Melly Arrested for First-Degree Murder

YNW Melly Arrested for First-Degree Murder

Photo credit: The Fader

Jamell “YNW Melly” Demons was picked up yesterday, by police for the murder of two people. Cortlen “YNW Bortlen” Henry was also arrested in Houston last month for the same murders. The two are being accused of shooting and killing aspiring rappers, Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams and Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr.

Police say that the Florida rappers staged the crime scene to look like a drive-by shooting.

The event occurred on October 26. The victims were driven by Henry to the Memorial Hospital Miramar emergency room and were pronounced dead upon arrival, according to a news release from Miramar police.

Melly’s attorney says that he is sad and upset about the deaths, “those were his best friends”. In an Instagram post he said, “a couple months ago I lost my two brothers by violence and now the system want to find justice”.

YNW Melly dropped his latest album last month which features a collaboration with Kanye West.

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