Lil AK & Tekashi Bless Fans with New Single [LISTEN]

Lil AK & Tekashi Bless Fans with New Single [LISTEN]

Lil AK just blessed all of Tekashi’s fans with that new heat.

Lil AK, also known as DJ Akademiks, took to Instagram five days ago to tease a snippet of a track he did with Tekashi. The Treyway rapper gifted his vocals to Lil AK on their collaborative single, “Lanes,” as a token of appreciation for helping him build up his career. And with Tekashi being locked up at the moment, it seems as if the DJ is returning the favor and keeping Tekashi’s name on everyone’s playlist.

Lil AK also added to the post saying “10,000 comments and I’m finna release it.” By the next day, he posted another leak of the song on Instagram along with the graphic for the track. The cover art is in typical Tekashi style – his signature cartoon graphic with Lil AK next to him, accompanied by three girls in a hot tub.

According to Dummy Boy’s lyrics, “Lanes” was dedicated to all the females who are ignoring their Valentines this year.

“I got this Henny in my cup, I wanna make love
Don’t tell your boyfriend, he don’t know nothing.”

Listen to the track below:

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