Marlon Wayans Says Kevin Hart Should Have Hosted The Oscars + Calls Out Online Trolls

Marlon Wayans Says Kevin Hart Should Have Hosted The Oscars + Calls Out Online Trolls

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Marlon Wayans stops by the Power 106 Zen Studios for an interview with “The Cruz Show,” and talks about how Kevin Hart should have hosted the Oscars and even calls out online trolls!

Early on, he talks about how he motivates his children, and doesn’t expect them to like comedy like himself, but does expect them to excel in their education and their true passion(s).

“What’s your passion, I want you to excel in your passion. You have two jobs, you have school and you got your passion. So I need to see excellence in those two things,” he tells his children.

While his children have had a more privileged, different lifestyle than he has, he still “raises them respectfully,” and expects them to excel in what they love.

He continues talking about work ethic and mentions how he’s even had to audition for projects to impress his brother stating, “I even had to audition for ‘Mo’ Money!’”

When on the topic of single camera shows and using laugh tracks, the Wayan brother says, “I don’t need a laugh track, it’s natural…” he elaborates, “What’s good about not having a laugh track is…it’s credible…Everybody nowadays want to think funny but don’t know how to be physically funny.”

Marlon and his family have clearly been in the entertainment industry for decades. When asked if he has any resentment towards Hollywood, he tells “The Cruz Show” that entertainment is not glamorous behind the scenes.

“In this industry you have to be predisposed to being F**KED….I don’t care about being HOT. I care about staying there.”

Films like ‘Don’t Be A Menace,’ ‘Scary Movie,’ and ‘White Chicks’ have proven to be American classics, and all were projects that Hollywood did not believe were going to have so much success.

“Hollywood didn’t think ‘Don’t Be A Menace’ was going to be something that people still watch 30-years after we dropped.”

Movies like these might offend certain people today, however, Wayan disagrees.

“Don’t believe what the trolls say…these are trolls from other countries that are trying to start race wars and stir stuff up in our country and start division. People still like to laugh. They’re trying to control our art…our thoughts…our freedom of speech…our rights to our First Amendment.”

The “White Chicks” star is unapologetic when it comes to his style of comedy. While he is very confident in his profession, he even offers J Cruz some advice as he propels his comedic career! The comedian even started cracking up when he heard Cruz was opening up for Anjelah Johnson!

“Anjelah Johnson, f**k you for that! You know this man is going to bomb!”

Yikes! While he didn’t suggest J Cruz perform at her show, he did invite Cruz to do a 5-minute set on his show at the Brea Improv this Sunday, just to practice! “I’m giving you this time, for real, so take it…I’d rather you bomb in front of 500 people, than bomb in front of 1500.” Cruz proceeds with jokingly saying Wayan may end up opening up for him one day in which the comedian rebuttals saying, “Miracles happen! You never know!…You could be that dude but just remember this, I gave you that opportunity, and let me produce something for you.”

Sheesh! Good luck Cruz!

Catch the FULL interview below.

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