Ezri Freestyles Over J. Cole’s “Middle Child” Instrumental w/ L.A. Leakers

Ezri Freestyles Over J. Cole’s “Middle Child” Instrumental w/ L.A. Leakers

photo credit: Power 106

Continuing to set the bar for the New Year with the hottest freestyles, the L.A. Leakers, Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk are back with Freestyle #069 to set off the month of February.

Repping for the city of Cleveland and his Nas/Mass Appeal Records ties, Ezri comes through to deliver a flex over J. Cole’s latest track “Middle Child”.

In the nearly three minute flow, the rapper formerly known as Ezzy borrows Cole’s opening bars before dropping his own punchlines.

N***as been countin’ me out
Countin’ my bullets, I’m loading my clip
I just walked in a million dollar meeting
I’m wearing my grill and I’m holding my d***
I be on Instagram scrolling
And making a list of the women I want when I’m rich
How all these n***as got money in common
But when they get dressed they got no common sense?
If I was you and I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror
I’d know I’m a b**ch
Good thing I’m me and I walk in the bathroom
And look in the toilet I know I’m the ….

Ezri flips through the “Middle Child” instrumental dropping off bars full of charisma and notable imagery.
Watch the full L.A. Leakers freestyle featuring Ezri below:

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