Mo’Nique Talks SLS Vegas Residency, Hopes For Super Bowl + Jussie Smollett Attack

Mo’Nique Talks SLS Vegas Residency, Hopes For Super Bowl + Jussie Smollett Attack

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Comedy legend and Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique came back through to the Cruz Morning Show to give so much love and of course drops some gems about the recent Jussie Smollet hate crime, her hopes for this weekend’s Super Bowl between the LA Rams and tells us all about her current SLS Vegas residency.

Taking over the plush SLS Hotel in Sin City, Mo’Nique is making history as the first black comedienne to hold a residency on the historic Vegas strip. While many of Mo’s fans have followed her career throughout the years, many have looked to Mo’Nique as a constant in the culture but as a veteran the funny lady understands her position and influence to so many.

As they plug into me, I plug into them. What I don’t ever want to be is that person that seems to be the light and have all the answers ‘cause I’m not that. What I do appreciate is we can share each other’s experiences. I’m not that person who says, ‘Well let me tell you how to do it.’ No, let me just tell you what my walk was and you share your walk with me, and let’s see where we can meet up and make it better for each other.

The current temperature of the culture is undoubtedly tense and high, whether it be politically or on the musical forefront, Mo’Nique expresses why she and other comedians are more than just someone to make you laugh.

Comedians, in my humble opinion, we’re the medicine to the universe of laughter. The moment you begin to censor us, is the moment you take that medicine away. So, for me, I am unapologetic about what I say on the stage. I will not watch what I say on stage because that is the freedom of the gift that we’ve been given. That’s the freedom of your gift. And the moment that you allow somebody to take your freedom away, well you’ve already lost.

Mo’Nique goes on to speak to a few of our callers who share their stories with her, says she definitely doesn’t want Tom Brady to secure another Super Bowl, as well as sharing her thoughts on LeBron James’ current Netflix project and what the Jussie Smollet hate crime attack means for speaking out against inequality.

Watch the full Mo’Nique x The Cruz Show interview below:

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