Ariana Grande Ridiculed For Chinese Tattoo Misprint

Ariana Grande Ridiculed For Chinese Tattoo Misprint

Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Billboard

“Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble” well—maybe not in trouble, but she’s definitely getting roasted for this one.

So this one’s really a lot but looong story short Ariana’s tattoo doesn’t mean what she had originally intended it to. Take a look at the tweet below for the explanation.

Her tattoo was meant to say “7 Rings” after her new single and currently reads as so: “七輪” The things is, her current tattoo is several characters short of what she actually wanted it to say, which should be “七個戒指”. Sooo as it stands now, her tattoo roughly translates to “shichirin”, a Japanese expression used to denote a “small charcoal grill” AKA my girl’s hand says Hibachi-style barbeque. Ariana later replied to the tweet saying that it hurt too bad which is why she couldn’t go through with the entire thing, but added the hand area peels quickly and that maybe she’ll sit through it all next time.

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