Boogie Talks ‘Everything’s For Sale’ + Spits Bars Over Eminem’s “The Way I Am”

Boogie Talks ‘Everything’s For Sale’ + Spits Bars Over Eminem’s “The Way I Am”

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Westside Boogie came through to the Cruz Show not only repping for his hometown Compton but he definitely brought his ‘Everything’s For Sale’ energy to the Power 106 studios.

Since dropping his debut album’s short film, and in preparation for the project’s release, Boogie details his up-and-down relationship with the music industry and expressed to the Cruz Show what he hopes his fans take away from his premiere project. Boogie tells Cruz, “It’s a project about a frustrating artist. One like me who knows how good he is and the climate we living in, it’s just not all about the music. You got to do a lot, so at this point, I’m just with whatever.”

I just want people to see how creative we was and see that it’s other stuff you need to do. It’s really a crazy climate with music. It’s albums coming out every week so you gotta find a way to stand out, this is to my upcoming artists. To the fans, to the consumers, I want them to see how honest I am and see the growth in my music.

As Boogie continues to put in work to make his voice, pen, and image stand out differently in order to be noticed, the West side rapper expresses his thoughts towards seeing others find success before he might stumble into his opportunity.

If you really believe in yourself and your craft, you feel like you’re supposed to be at the top of that field. You feel like you’re supposed to be the best and you don’t want to feel like you’re hating. I always got these battles in my head where I’m like, ‘Man I want to see another brother get out his situation, do good,’ but then I’m like, ‘Man, that’s supposed to be me, “F” him,’ you feel me?

While Boogie definitely might be all of us when it comes to working a boring 9-5, Boogie recounted moments as a child where his upbringing was a struggle but confesses that he now understands the cycle, which he is now changing for the better. Speaking on being homeless and his relationship with his Mother growing up, Boogie says, “I would say, that I’ve been homeless about 70% of my life. As a kid, my Mama never had a spot. My Mama didn’t get us an apartment until I was in high school. We was just always friend-to-friend.” Boogie continues, “I remember eighth grade graduation, not being able to have a suit for graduation. Everybody dressed up, I’m looking poop. That was my first time I was like, ‘I’m really mad that we broke.’”

The Shady Records emcee humbly flexes about his recent Snickers commercial with Pop icon Elton John and he also goes on to the spit bars over Eminem’s “The Way I Am” and even goes down to the corner Fruit stand to hand out some snacks!

Watch the full Boogie x The Cruz Show interview below:

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