Kenny Beats On Recording w/ Rico Nasty, NBA Youngboy, 03 Greedo & Ski Mask The Slump God

Kenny Beats On Recording w/ Rico Nasty, NBA Youngboy, 03 Greedo & Ski Mask The Slump God

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Hailing from Connecticut, Kenny Beats is here to put on for all the producers in the rap game. The 27-year-old started in hip-hop before transitioning to EDM as DJ Loudpvck. Now, he is reunited with his first true love.

Speaking on how he got his producer tag from Atlanta’s own KEY!, Kenny states,

“I told Key to give me a tag and he just roasted me. He didn’t want to do it. He went in the booth and started just saying all this funny stuff. ‘Twisted metal shit man! Fatmankey, Kenny Beats!’ I didn’t like any of it and the second to last thing he said was ‘WHOA KENNY!’ It’s weird ’cause the rest of him is him just roasting me, making fun of me and laughing, and then the ‘WHOA KENNY’ just sounds perfect! It’s like from God. It just sounded like that moment needed to happen.”

Watch below as he brings us back to studio sessions w/ ALLBLACK, Rico Nasty, Key!, Freddie Gibbs, 03 Greedo, Ski Mask The Slump God, NBA Youngboy, and the breakdown below.

ALLBLACK’s “Blitz”

Kenny reveals ALLBLACK initially named the record “Real Questions,” and how a top-tier artist wanted the hook, “What the fuck you gon’ do when that pressure on?”, for a LOT of money.

Rico Nasty’s “Countin Up”

Kenny reveals how Rico Nasty had just came from Vegas where she won $30K on a slot machine, bringing all the bands to the studio.

Key!’s “Demolition 1+2”

Kenny brings us back to how him and Key were both in a sunken state when they created the record, and why it came in two parts.

Freddie Gibbs & 03 Greedo’s “Death Row”

Greedo was getting ready to leave when Kenny played him “Death Row” by Freddie Gibbs — which they made earlier that day. Greedo made his verse in 5 minutes, 2 takes.

NBA Youngboy’s “Traumatized”

Kenny remembers NBA Youngboy about to leave the studio, but recognized Kenny’s beat and decided to stay. Youngboy later introduced Kenny to Young Thug.

Ski Mask The Slump God’s “Foot Fungus”

Kenny reveals how Ski Mask dropped his phone at the very beginning and they kept it, as well as the Pharrell/Timbaland vibe of the record.

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