Cardi B & Wale Defend “Twerk” Video Against Conservatives

Cardi B & Wale Defend “Twerk” Video Against Conservatives

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 15: Cardi B performs onstage during Metro By T-Mobile Presents: Live In LA Powered By Pandora Featuring Cardi B And Jhené Aiko at Academy Nightclub on November 15, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Pandora Media Inc. )

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“This sound like Cardi with the…” CLAPBACK!

Over the last week or so, after posting her viral video about the government shutdown, Cardi B has been very vocal from a political standpoint. Cardi made it clear where she stood about government workers having to work without pay saying “This is really serious bro.”

THEN we all saw her little twitter exchange with Tomi Lahren, who basically told Cardi she didn’t know what she was talking about and to stay in her own lane. Cardi with the clapback (I think this is new new nickname???) responded “Leave me alone. I will dog walk you.” Her response alone led to an increase in people looking up the term “dog walk” on urban dictionary AND accompanying memes, see below:


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“Leave me alone I will dog walk you.”💀💀 – #CardiB #TomiLahren SWIPE to see how #Cardi clapped back at miss TamTam.➡️

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NOW, conservative Washington, D.C. video columnist, Stephanie Hamill wants the smoke from Cardi, and let’s be clear, SHE GOT IT. Hamill basically commented on the “Twerk” video, and said she felt in the #MeToo era, the video wasn’t promoting the cause for female empowerment.

To which Cardi OF COURSE again responded.

THE BEST PART of all of this, was that Wale, then came to Cardi’s defense. And…we…just…UGH.There was a lot of back and forth but the “Lotus Flowerbomb” singer offered up a list of black women who are pushing the narrative forward, AND gave the definition for empowerment. OK THEN! Checkmate. Check out his tweets below:

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