Logic’s Newest Track “Keanu Reeves” [STREAM]

Logic’s Newest Track “Keanu Reeves” [STREAM]

Logic teased the new track on Instagram a few days ago asking fans when he should drop it, he decided to bless us and release the Keanu Reeves inspired song. Bobby goes off on the beat produced by 6ix and humorously mentions Fortnite, Obama, and being called the  1-800 guy.

“I don’t play no games ‘less we talkin’ Fortnite
Finally knew I made it, sittin’ at the red light
When them soccer moms pull up in they van while I ride
Like, “Oh my God, children, it’s the 1-800 guy”
But my door’s suicide, yeah, I’m too alive”

“Did you know I’m mixed like Obama?
It ain’t a project if Logic ain’t talkin’ ’bout being biracial
Bicoastal, I’m platinum, go postal, I’m snappin”


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Keanu Reeves When should I drop this?

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Listen to the full track below: