Harry Mack Speaks On LAUSD Strike w/ Freestyle to Nas’ – “Hate Me Now”

Harry Mack Speaks On LAUSD Strike w/ Freestyle to Nas’ – “Hate Me Now”

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Harry Mack stops by Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios for an interview with “The Cruz Show” and talks about how impactful the LAUSD Strike is…via a freestyle!

The up-and-coming rapper can legitimately rap about anything ON THE SPOT.

He stands behind the teachers because he “knows how hard teachers work…especially the teachers that really care…That’s such an important job, and I think that in other cultures around the world, educators are seen as some of the highest members of society and for some reason in the U.S., they’re not really compensated like they’re high members of society.”

When asked if he could put his thoughts in freestyle form, he responded, “Yeah, alright, let’s try it.”

“If you on strike in LA then I’m tryna reach ya / Understand Mack gon’ stand with all the teachers.”

He continues with, “You can tell that they’re feeling real pain / if they wasn’t then why would they be out there in the rain.”

When asked about the LA Strike, not only did the talented freestyle rapper say it directly affected him because his mom is a teacher, but he was an educator as well, and “followed in her footsteps.”

“One time, I be dropping them bombs / Yo, word up to the teachers and shout-out to my moms.”

When it comes to free-styling, Mack truly takes the craft and makes it his own. He even makes his “stutters” rhyme! His entire flow expresses what teachers are fighting for: higher wages, more support, and ultimately a better future for our students.

“Ay yo, I’m ready to release

Let’s get the teachers a 6% salary increase

C’mon and while I’m on it, we need to bring the fix, G

6% scratch that, let’s increase it to 60.”

He ends with: “Yeah, check it, Harry Mack kicking lyrics off the mind / Teachers, one of the illest professions of all-time.”

Catch the rest of his incredible freestyle about the LAUSD Strike below:

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