Quavo Bashes Trump’s Celebratory Dinner For Clemson Tigers

Quavo Bashes Trump’s Celebratory Dinner For Clemson Tigers

Photo credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison

On Monday, President Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers at the White House for a celebratory dinner following their National Championship title win. The president thought it’d be a good idea to serve the champions a feast of “their favorite,” fast food! OKAY!

Best believe Trump had BEEN thinking this fast food idea was gold.

“I think we’re going to serve #Mcdonalds, #Wendys and #BurgerKing with some pizza…I would think that’s their favorite food.”

Many weren’t happy about the president’s antics, especially Migos member Quavo. Although Quavo is a known supporter and fan of his hometown Georgia Bulldogs, he offered the National Champions, the Clemson Tigers to celebrate “The Stir Fry Way!”

The buffet consisted of good ol’ pizza, hamburgers, and fries. According to Trump, this was the team’s “favorite food.” He claims to have paid for the meal himself, due to the government shutdown. This shocked many, given the high status of President Trump, but hey! The man loves his fast food!

On Tuesday, Quavo tweeted an open invitation to the Clemson Tigers to visit the QC headquarters. The rapper wants to treat the Tigers, and show the president the way champions are supposed to be treated!