Sheck Wes On Making “Mo Bamba”, Working w/ Kanye & Travis Scott, & Goals for 2019

Sheck Wes On Making “Mo Bamba”, Working w/ Kanye & Travis Scott, & Goals for 2019

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Sheck Wes definitely holds the 2018 crown for the biggest break out single of the year with the infectious anthem “Mo Bamba”. Swinging through the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios, with The Cruz Show, Wes chops it up with the morning crew about creating his Bamba hit, his experience working with Kanye West and Travis Scott, as well as what he has planned for the new 2019 year.

Coming up in the streets of Harlem, New York, Mudboy shared that growing up he never had a 9-5 as a teenager, but got his bread his own way by modeling and playing basketball and how he had to find a way to be an artist with his time consuming schedule. Since his East Coast breakout, the rapper will appear at this year’s Coachella music festival.

Speaking on the process of Mo Bamba record coming together, Wes says:
It was also one of the first times [that] I was in the studio with so much equipment and instruments and things like that. In a studio, where we could make that type of beat or create that sound. I just remember we all like made the beat and I just remember recording the song. I’m a person that just likes free styling and doing one takes.

Only a few weeks into the New Year, Sheck explains that he lives by a certain motto in order for his goals to come true and he also explains the humanitarian efforts he is currently paving his path for, with his charity work in places like his home country of Senegal.

This year has just grown on a whole different level. You know, I make, long term goal, I don’t make like short term goals. So, I don’t make like resolutions or anything like hat. I always got a saying, ‘you could either you could make it to the NBA or you could win a NBA championship.’ And, winning a NBA championship and making it to the NBA are a part of that, so, it’s just like, in order for me to get to like, my championship, my true goals, and my aspirations.

Sheck also drops his list of L.A. artists he’s a fan of, including, YG, TY Dolla $ign, G2 and more and the rapper also gives details on his new music and projects on the way, plus what it was like being approached by Travis Scott and Kanye West.

Peep the full Sheck Wes x Cruz Show interview below:

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