Jermaine Dupri on “The Rap Game”, The 2019 Superbowl, Working w/ Jay-Z & More

Jermaine Dupri on “The Rap Game”, The 2019 Superbowl, Working w/ Jay-Z & More

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Jermaine Dupri visits the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios and chopped it up with the Cruz Show about his upcoming show “The Rap Game,” the Super Bowl, working with G.OA.T.’s like Jay-Z and more!

Dupri is currently working on the TV series, “The Rap Game,” alongside Queen Latifah, to find the next BIG star to sign to his record label, So So Def Records.

Working on this competitive show isn’t all glamorous and really does put pressure on the man!

“It takes a toll on myself from controlling my anger. Picking the cast is frustrating…all things that I wasn’t aware of.” Jermaine states.

Even choosing talent can be mind-boggling because a lot of the time talented individuals can’t get chosen because their parents have criminal back grounds.

“When they get this background check, they don’t actually clear. It’s sad to see some of these kids that are so good don’t get that break because of their parents.”

Amidst the difficulties that come with putting a show together, Jermaine is excited for the new season stating, “It’s going to be a very interesting show for y’all to watch. If you love this show, this might be probably your favorite season.”

The rapper has definitely worked on an entire array of amazing projects, with incredible artists, like Jay-Z.

Dupri and Hov worked on the record, “Money Ain’t a Thang,” in which JD states, “He wrote his rap in the car, on the way to the studio, without even hearing the beat.”

In addition to a tv show, he will also be throwing 6 concert shows FOR FREE, inside Centennial Park, just 6 days before the Super Bowl. While he is not performing at the halftime show, he does feel that he needs to teach those flying in for the football event, how important the music scene is in Atlanta.

“I’m just making sure that people come to the city and understand the depth of the music scene in Atlanta.”

He continues, “I do feel like Usher should be performing at the Super Bowl, regardless of how people feel about the NFL, period. Last year they let Justin Timberlake do it. Why not Usher?”

Along with being very musically inclined, JD loves sports, and even bet The Cruz Show that the Cowboys would beat the Los Angeles Rams. To his dismay, Rams take home the “W!”

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