Lil Pump’s “Butterfly Doors” Track Explained

Lil Pump’s “Butterfly Doors” Track Explained

MIAMI BEACH, FL - OCTOBER 06: Lil Pump performs onstage during the BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 at Fillmore Miami Beach on October 6, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin | Getty Images

“Butterfly Doors” is Lil Pump’s first release of 2019 and was catching a lot of heat ahead of its release. He previously teased the track on social media which included an offensive line “They call me Yao Ming cause my eye real low, ching chong.” After seeing the line get a lot of backlash the Gucci Gang rapper went on Instagram to apologize for offending people saying:

 “I seen the whole thing going on on the internet and all that, I came here to tell you from my part that I’m sorry and I apologize for posting that. It was not my intentions to hurt nobody or do none of that, deadass. I got Asian homies, you know. I f*ck with everybody and I got nothing against nobody. It’s all love.”

Pump released the track on Friday (January 7th) and the offensive lyrics that were once there have been muted. In addition, he mentions on the song a few things that went down in the past year like when he canceled a show and lost $100K, along with all of his legal trouble and spending time in jail. Watch the full explanation below:

Listen to “Butterfly Doors” below:

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