Cyntoia Brown FINALLY Granted Clemency

Cyntoia Brown FINALLY Granted Clemency

Photo Credits: Lacy Atkins via NY Times

Justice has finally been served, and a young woman gets a second chance at life.

Cyntoia Brown’s high profile case has been followed closely in recent months by many people, and she finally got her wish—freedom. Cyntoia is a victim of sex-trafficking victim who has served 15 years of her original sentenced of life in prison for the murder of the man who bought her for sex. She was only 16 at the time but was tried as an adult.

Many of course received the news via social media, and activist Shaun King took to his Instagram to inform his followers as well an many other celebrities.

Brown was originally arrested in 2004 and then convicted in 2006 for shooting and killing a man the purchased her as well as robbing him after his murder. Many activists and criminal justice groups said the court failed to acknowledge was that she was unfairly sentenced because they didn’t take into account that the man had sexually abused her and that she said she had shot him in self-defense.

This morning, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam announced Brown’s victory and that she will be released from prison this August. She will be on parole for 10 years as well as complete community service, undergo counseling, and find a job. Her case gives hope to tons of women and girls in the same senario, who are victims of sex trafficking, especially women of color.

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