Bryson Tiller Album Delayed Indefinitely—Will He Make A Comeback?

Bryson Tiller Album Delayed Indefinitely—Will He Make A Comeback?

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It looks like Bryson Tiller fans are still playing the waiting game for new music. As music consumers we are used to digesting music at a rapid pace these days but Bryson won’t put out a body of work he’s not happy with, which is understandable.

The “Don’t” singer took to his Instagram story to finally explain why Serenity still has yet to be released. The tyed up not read “Album delayed til I’m happy with it. I understand that people these days love to have new music every 4 months but that’s just not how I work. Fans out here giving me ultimatums and shit and I’m just like damn I thought this shit was forever.” So the speculations have been officially confirmed, the album is delayed indefinitely.

The thing about the way the music game is set up now, more than ever, it’s survival of the fittest. It’s whoever puts out the most hits the fastest. One day they love you, the next, someone can take your spot if you’re not careful. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard official new music from Tiller. In recent months he’s dropped a few Soundcloud tracks and his single “Canceled” dropped in September. I’m sure Tiller fans will agree, we’ll take what we can get, but we’re still holding out on that album.

Stream “Canceled” below:

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