Photo credit: Via Cal State University, Northridge

This year, CSUN has received 2 threats of mass shootings. Just last week, students found graffiti in the men’s bathroom wall of one the buildings which read, “Mass shooting in Sierra Hall 12/12/18,” along with swastikas drawn next to the threat.

CSUN’s president and campus police have responded to the threat and are taking it very seriously. They have sent numerous emails saying they will increase the presence of police and with final exams approaching, many professors have openly commented that they will postpone if not cancel these exams.


The latest threat was a letter found in the same building where the graffiti was found, on campus.

The letter states, “I’m killing as many mother***ers as I possibly can. I have kids from NAHS that are going to do the same. He’s gonna give bullys what they deserve. Death.”

It also states that they target teachers and professors “… for making students depressed and giving us bulls**t work.” The letter also targets NAHS, which is assumed to be Northridge Academy High School, located right next to the university.

Lots of students, school officials, and many media outlets have taken to social media to express how they feel about the serious matter, and tell students to not attend school Wednesday.

It’s been a devastating year in the United States. Mental health has been brought up multiple times as mass shootings have sadly occurred nationwide. According to Gun Violence Archive, who post information about gun-related violence, there have been more than 300 mass shootings this year. The statistics include: 13,705 deaths this year, 631 children killed or injured, and 329 mass shootings.

Based off of these statistics, it is no wonder why students and officials are taking safety matters very seriously at the university.

CSUN will be open Wednesday, but an increased presence of law enforcement will be present as a precaution.

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