Emilio Rivera & Yadi Valerio Talk New BET Series ‘The Family Business” + On & Off-Screen Chemistry

Emilio Rivera & Yadi Valerio Talk New BET Series ‘The Family Business” + On & Off-Screen Chemistry

photo credit: Power 106
Mayans MC star Emilio Rivera returned to the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios with the Cruz Morning show to talk about his new role on BET’s The Family Business.

Rolling through with his wife Yadi Valerio, who co-stars on the BET series as Rivera’s on-screen wife, the real-life couple chopped it up about the Zuniga family’s journey on the crime drama series. While Rivera’s character Alejandro Zuniga is a long-time foe of the series’ leading Duncan family, Zuniga’s family is looking to vindicate his son’s death. Filling in the Cruz Show with the latest that’s going down on the first season, Emilio says, “It’s on the fourth episode and we’re mafia. There’s the Latino, Mexican mafia, the Black mafia, and the Italian mafia, played by Armand Assante. “And what happens is some drug deal went wrong.” Rivera continues, “ They had my son, I took their son for collateral, and LC Duncan’s, played by Ernie Dudson, daughter killed my son.”

The on-screen couple had an advantage for their television chemistry as the two have been together for quite some time. Emilio and Yadi came up from different backgrounds but that is what drew the couple to each other. Speaking on how the two were raised different, Rivera adds, “ You know what it is, my familia, we’re a very close-knit family. If you’re in my Mom’s house, that means you belong to us and we don’t let nobody else in.”

Emilio and Yadi also share the unexpected way they met while filming a project together and the two also came through with a donation to the third annual #CruzCares toy drive.

Watch the full Cruz Show interview below:

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