Dom Kennedy On Rejecting Record Deals, ‘Volume 2’ + New Music From O.P.M.

Dom Kennedy On Rejecting Record Deals, ‘Volume 2’ + New Music From O.P.M.

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Dom Kennedy stops by the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios for an interview with “The Cruz Show” and talks about rejecting record deals, his latest album, ‘Volume 2’ and new music from O.P.M..

The LA based rapper begins with telling “The Cruz Show” of how imperative remaining “independent” has been for his career. When asked why he has stayed a consistent, independent artist, Dom states:

“For me it’s just like, always wanting to own something was always my dream…always wanting to be the head of my company was the dream.”

It is important to note that while he does have his own record label, he has had to turn down some pretty sweet deals, “6 to 7” to be exact.

While it was not so much a “control” factor for the artist, he did most of his record label rejections based off of money percentages.

 “It really just came down to percentages…I have more to offer than just the music…I wanted to be respected as more than just the artist.”

Whether Dom is releasing music or not, he is always showing Power 106 love and support!

“Power106 is home for sure, J Cruz much, much love, every time whether I’m on the air or not, I’m always listening…Power 106 represents the people.”

Not only does he heavily support the artists under his independent label, O.P.M., he also has much love for his fellow peers doing big things too, especially Grammy nominee, Nipsey Hussle.

“I gotta bump into him and pop a bottle with them for sure man, much love for the ‘Victory Lap’ album…I know the work and the focus that he had going into that album and I was just happy to be a part of it on the song, “Double Up.”

Kennedy definitely stays busy with his label, and states he is releasing 5 new albums this upcoming year! He stays proud of his accomplishments and appreciates when others in and out of the industry acknowledge his work as well.

“When you go and you meet like the giants of the music game…and you kinda introduce yourself right, and then they say, ‘I know exactly who you are,’—that mean’s a lot to me.”

He continues, “We’ve inspired a lot of people, I appreciate when I meet kids and they say, ‘You helped me through college,’ or, ‘You helped me stay alive!’…For me it’s about the people.”

He truly does stick to his word when it comes to his people, and is heavily invested in the LA scene, making sure to always show love to his hometown.

“It’s a lot of things happening in the city…It’s important to like not only just watch them from the internet or this or that. I’m from LA so if I don’t go out and support or like show my face or like see what it’s really about, you know what I mean, you got too.”

Watch the full Cruz Show interview below:

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