Travis Scott Orders “Secret Service-Style” Security Guards For Family

Travis Scott Orders “Secret Service-Style” Security Guards For Family

Photo credit: Ronald Martinez

Travis Scott has made it very clear, when it comes to his family he rather be safe than sorry. He is not taking any chances when it comes to his “wifey” and daughter joining him on tour. Apparently, his extreme security measures could even keep President Trump safe!

Travis has his security conduct sweeps of the dressing room and backstage areas before the show for more than an hour. Security also plans on some of the best exit routes for the rapper and his family, that would be used in the worst case scenario.

According to TMZ, a reliable source shared that, “…anytime Kylie Jenner and Stormi come to one of his “Astroworld” concerts, Travis brings a hand-full of additional security guards to run a battery of secret service-style maneuvers.”

TMZ’s source also shares that, ‘it’s a night and day difference from when the rapper is alone on the road. Even Kylie and Stormi’s itinerary is kept under lock and key, which is only known ONLY to their bodyguards and management.”

The Houston rapper’s team seems to not mind the extra work, because he is said to be in a better mood when his family is around.

Here is an adorable video of Stormi enjoying her daddy performing.

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