Michael Blackson Talks ‘Friday’ w/Ice Cube, Adresses Kevin Hart Beef + Reveals Love For Thick Women

Michael Blackson Talks ‘Friday’ w/Ice Cube, Adresses Kevin Hart Beef + Reveals Love For Thick Women

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The African King of Comedy Michael Blackson pulled up to the Cruz Show morning show in our Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios where he not only celebrated with the crew for his birthday, but he also had the entire room in tears after revealing what kind of woman he’s looking to marry.

Blackson filled us in on his upcoming projects, his experience working in Ghana, shares the meanest jokes he’s heard about himself and lets us know an update on the forthcoming Friday film.

Having made an unforgettable cameo in the franchise’s sequel, Next Friday, Michael shares that even though the script is almost finished, his spot in the final Friday flick isn’t quite confirmed just yet.

I keep in touch with Ice Cube. I heard the script is pretty much almost ready or whatever and whenever it’s going to happen, I’m one hundred percent sure I’m going to be in it. But we don’t know when and how exactly it’s going to happen. But, I hope it happens because the fans want to see it. They want to see it and they want to see a lot more Michael Blackson as well. So, Cube’s going to make it happen. He’s the guy.

Blackson has been keeping busy over the past few years, being a part of several projects that are finally releasing. With three films on the way, and the comedian thinking of getting into music, plus a reality love show in the works, Michael took some time to clear up the “misunderstanding” that went down between some of comedy’s big names, including Katt Williams and Kevin Hart.

Me and Kev are good. We met up in Person. I thought we would have to fight and I didn’t want to go to jail for child abuse. He’s four-feet tall, it’s like I’d beat up a baby. But, me and Katt [and Kevin] all been good friends. It was just a misunderstanding. Even TMZ asked me about the whole thing with the birthday party thing…But no, me and Kev are good.

Michael goes on to comment on the recent headlines made with Kim Kardashian confessing she was on ecstasy when she made that infamous sex-tape with Ray J and also reveals his love for big women and hilariously lets us know the sound he needs to hear when hooking up with a thick woman.

Peep the full Michael Blackson x Cruz Show interview below:

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