Kyle On “Julie” Collab W/ Lil Yachty, Upcoming World Tour + Confirms “Playinwitme” Remix Ft. Jay Park

Kyle On “Julie” Collab W/ Lil Yachty, Upcoming World Tour + Confirms “Playinwitme” Remix Ft. Jay Park

photo credit: Power 106

Super Duper KYLE popped into the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios talk about his new single “Hey Julie” featuring Lil Yachty, what he’s learned as an actor & how excited he is to begin a world tour.

Coming from a background of musical theatre, and being a performance “geek,” Kyle says that his early stage roles helped prepare him for his rapper status now, which he even calls out some of his hip hop peers for not being able to fully engage their personalities outside of their music.

The theatre stuff really taught me how to be an entertainer, like the whole type of way. Sometimes I feel like rappers, like not that they be lacking personality, they just be so introverted and shy, they don’t even want to talk sometimes.

KYLE is currently venturing into the Hollywood acting realm and while he has felt the pressures of the Hollywood image standards, the Cali native confesses that he won’t give in to the industry demand on perfection. The “Julie” rapper tells the Morning crew:

Honestly, it made me feel like, damn, maybe I should do some push-ups every now and then. But, honestly, I got into my first movie, looking how I look right now. Straight up! I got into my first movie looking the way I look right now. So, it’s like if I could get into one like that, I feel I can get into another other like that.

During the interview, Kyle also talks his upcoming world tour, a Ventura hometown garage sale, comes through and donates to the #CruzCares toy drive, reflects on coming up as a young artist hoping to experience a tour of his own, and reveals a “Playinwitme” collab with Jay Park.

Watch the full interview Kyle x The Cruz Show interview below:

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