Flipp Dinero On “Leave Me Alone” Success, Signing To DJ Khaled, Current State Of NY Hip Hop

Flipp Dinero On “Leave Me Alone” Success, Signing To DJ Khaled, Current State Of NY Hip Hop

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New York native Flipp Dinero came through to the Lift Off with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk to talk his latest success and blessings that has come from his break out single “Leave Me Alone.”

Dinero brought his humble and grateful energy into the Power 106 studios, praising his current position in hip-hop, Flipp shared how crazy of a year 2018 has been for him. “Its been hectic in a good way” His hit song Leave Me Alone sitting in the crib “I heard it and was like it feels special, and from then on that night I just knew it was a gem, I always label my songs a gem but that song I knew it was special.”

The rapper continues to embrace the love he’s gotten from all the celebrities like Kim Kardashian and fashion designer Virgil Abloh posting and listening to the track. Dinero speaks on how the success of chart topping record lead him to meet DJ Khaled and eventually signing with him to create more music together.

When I linked up with Khaled, I linked up with Khaled through my big bro Savi. Sav was just promoting my music to everyone. And, I didn’t know like he was going so hard behind [the scenes], I just did not know. But when he was like, “Yo, Khaled want to link with you,” I had to ask him, ‘”Yo, you sure he wants to link with me,” and he’s like, “Yeah, he wants to link with you bro!”

There’s no doubt that this past year has been a standout time for all of hip-hop and Dinero has even performed at some of the biggest venues across the country, the “Wanna Ball” rhymer talks about his spot in music, saying, “Me, I sat back and I observed the game. And, I was like yo, what’s an addition I can be to this game, other than just be someone, like, trying to make a come up in the game.” Flipp continues, “And, I’m like, you know what, I want to be creative with this sh*t. And by the grace of God, thank you God, God, gave me the ability to make “Leave Me Alone.”

Flipp goes on to share how he got his name, being considered as rookie of the year, other up and coming artists to keep a look out for, and what to expect from him with upcoming music.

Make sure to catch Flipp Dinero live December 14th at sold out Rolling Loud.

Watch the full interview with Flipp Dinero and the L.A. Leakers below:

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