Ariana Grande Pays Homage To Our Fav Chick Flicks In Thank U, Next Video [WATCH]

Ariana Grande Pays Homage To Our Fav Chick Flicks In Thank U, Next Video [WATCH]

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 07: Singer Ariana Grande performs onstage during Macy's Presents Fashion's Front Row on September 7, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Macy's)

Photo Credits: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Macy’s

In the words of Kris Jenner, “Thank U, Next B****”.

Ariana Grande is living her best life right now, like in her new single she says she’s spending more time with friends and she ain’t worried bout nothin! Well clearly this time she’s spent being single has gotten her creative juices FLOWING and we are here for this video concept hunty! Now that she’s on her #NewAriWhoDis tip, why NOT pay homage to some of the best feel good chick flick movies of our time?! Why didn’t we think of this?


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#thankunext video out now directed by @hannahluxdavis 🖤 link in bio

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The video starts out with some familiar faces from the original Mean Girls film with the classic montage we all know and love. One starts:

“One time on twitter I heard Ariana was pregnant, so I got pregnant at the same time. Turns out it was just a rumor.”

“Ariana Grande told me my hair looks sexy pushed back. She’s not wrong.”

“Ariana broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me, and I broke off an engagement.”

“I heard she’s a lesbian now, and dating some chick called Aubrey. It’s f***ing sick.”

“I heard if you record her snoring, and play it backwards it sounds like Fantasia.”

“Ariana says honest to God knock me out, so I decided punched myself in the face—it was awesome!”

Then she can be seen seemingly pretending to be Regina George, sprawled out across her bed writing in her ‘Burn Book’ the names of her exes. When she gets to Pete Davidson’s page it says “I love you always—sorry I dipped!” SHOOK! Then they go into the iconic strut down the hallway scene with her own set of ‘Plastics’ complete with the films original Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennet). At this point we’re only about a 1:30 in and our wig is already snatched! Then we transition to the “Jingle Bell Rock” talent show scene and we get a cameo from none other than the OG momager herself—Kris Jenner as Ariana’s mom.

We’re not even halfway done and she’s already got me trying to dig up my exes old numbers because I gotta flex on someone after this *flips hair”. The next four minutes we see her as Torrance in Bring it On featuring the “East Compton Clovers” vs “The Torros”, Jenna in 13 Going On 30 and last but not least the ULTIMATE glow up queen Elle Woods.

OK OK we don’t wanna give TOO much away, so hurry up and watch the video below bc it’s SO FETCH! If you need me; in between rewatching this video A MILLION times, and binge watching these classic movies I’ll be counting what little strands of hair I have left: *SPOILER* its not a lot…RIP my edges 1993-2018 🙁

PS: Sadly none of these classics are on Netflix, (I know WTF) BUT they are on Amazon Video and they offer a 30 FREE trial BLESS UP, so if you’re interested click HERE; you can thank me later!

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