Kevin Hart Defends Son’s “Cowboys And Indians” Themed Party

Kevin Hart Defends Son’s “Cowboys And Indians” Themed Party
Photo credit: Paras Griffin
Recently Kevin Hart has been receiving backlash due to a “Cowboy and Indians” themed birthday party that he threw for his son on Thanksgiving. His wife had posted a picture of it on Instagram with people wearing Indian costumes. Many responded to it by saying how “inconsiderate,” “ignorant,” and “disgraceful” it is.
Despite all the people that are shaming them for it, the comedian says he does not view it as a racist, hurtful, or insensitive at all. Kevin pointed out the fact that, not only are cowboys and Indian themes shown in movies or within sporting events, but he also said that when he was a kid, many other people would often play cowboys and Indians too.

 Kevin Hart has a show called “Straight from the Hart” on Sirius XM. On the show he responded to the critics by saying: “the backlash is “dumb s**t,” because it shows “how stupid our world is becoming with opinions.”
Do you think the kids’ party theme was racist??

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