Trey Songz Talks ‘Blood Brother’ Movie w/Fetty Wap + Shows Respect To Ginuwine & Usher

Trey Songz Talks ‘Blood Brother’ Movie w/Fetty Wap + Shows Respect To Ginuwine & Usher

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Trigga Trey made his way back to The Cruz Show at our Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios to chop it up about his new film Blood Bother, which co-stars Fetty Wap and also talks about a possible collab with R&B singer Ginuwine.

Trey Songz has been keeping busy with spending time with his family for the holidays as well as taking care of his two dogs. With his latest project, starring in the new film Blood Brother, hitting theaters November 20th, the singer explains that he has been working on new music but also shares his experience on set of the new movie.

You know what’s dope about playing that character [is] that the director John Pogue, he actually wouldn’t let anybody call me Trey. Everybody called me Sonny. That spewed over into my family and that spewed over into my friends. But Sonny, he’s young and he’s trying to change his life. He had childhood things that he would do that he won’t do as a man. And, he had a friend that’s an ex-con coming out, and, you know, they’re having their differences. And, he’s trying to mend that relationship but some things can’t be mended all the time.

As Songz recently hit up a music festival in Australia, which also featured his music friends Usher and Ginuwine, the ‘11’ and ‘28’ singer mentioned his respect for Ginuwine and hints at possible music in the works.

Actually I saw Ginuwine down at the same festival. That was dope. I look up to Ginuwine. Actually being out on tour with them [Ginuwine and Usher] in a foreign land was kind of dope. You know Ginuwine [has] super, stupid hits. You know, “Pony,” “Differences,” so I had to pay homage while we was down there.

Trey also pulled out a pocket-full of cash to be the first artist to come through for our Cruz Cares toy drive. Expressing the importance of giving back to those in need, Songz says, “The thing about giving man, is that you give what you can. You’re giving to the less fortunate so it’s always going to be appreciated.”

Wacth the full Trey Songz x The Cruz Show interview below:

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