Tekashi69 Screwed Over Fashion Nova

Tekashi69 Screwed Over Fashion Nova

Photo credit: Bennett Raglin

6ix9ine’s newest album “Dummy Boy” is causing problems for Fashion Nova!

Apparently, 6ix9ine was supposed to rap about the fashion brand in his song, “MAMA,” which features Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

The lyrics say, “Splish splash apple bottoms make that ass phat.”

While it does have a catchy vibe, that bar was not the original!

The line should have said, “Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat.”

Also, the teaser for the song even included the Fashion Nova line, which was also misleading!

Apparently, Minaj got upset after the fashion brand offered Cardi B her own line! Therefore, she told Tekashi not to say the line and he obliged.

Fashion Nova unfortunately, paid the ‘Dummy Boy’ rapper in FULL, up-front, not knowing he would later take their shout-out out. Sources say it was a 6-figure deal!

The brand has yet to demand their money back. They may be waiting to see what happens to him after his trial!

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