Meek Mill On ‘Championships,’ 6ix9ine’s Arrest + Prison Reform

Meek Mill On ‘Championships,’ 6ix9ine’s Arrest + Prison Reform

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Meek Mill stops by Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios for an interview with “The Cruz Show” and talks about his latest album, ‘Championships,’ his scheduled tour, and prison reform. With his album, ‘Championships,’ dropping this week, his tour on the way, and his passion for fighting for prisoners’ rights, the Philadelphia rapper surely has his plate full.

The “Dangerous” rapper tells “The Cruz Show” of how under-valued prisoners are in the system, especially since a lot of them do not deserve to be in there in the first place. His passion behind prison reform stems from his personal experience being locked up with only one hour of freedom. While locked up, he not only got to personally experience injustice, he was able to see the social injustice happening among the inmates by witnessing their hardships.

When asked about Tekashi69 and what he might be going through, Mill had a lot to say about being locked up himself.

“I don’t know what he is going through, but I know what I was going through. I was going through hell on earth,” he states, “I always wanted to tell that kid, you give out a certain kind of energy, and this is the energy you’re getting back…this that gangsta sh*t now…”

He added that he never stopped working, even while he was in the penitentiary, and that was thanks to the support he knew he had at home, in his city and worldwide.

“Jay-Z came through, Beyonce came through. She had, “Free Meek,” on a sign, and I was happy in jail when I heard that…T.I. definitely came through, Rick Ross…my whole city, the people, the supporters just throughout the world and the United States held me down. 

There was a lot of people that I didn’t even know that held me down.”

‘Championships’ is out this Friday, and features several very talented artists, that Meek is excited to make public soon.

His direction is as simple as: he wants “…all hot sh*t on it from all different angles.”

While some music lovers may not be the biggest fans of him, he is confident his features add to his already flavorful album.

“There’s some big features on the album…but I want to wait until the album come out, and really let people experience the whole package at one time so they could be like, ‘Oh damn!'”

He goes on to state that, “…you may not be the biggest fan of me but you might be the biggest fan of this feature that I have on my album.”

The topic of Drake also arose, in which Meek Mill positively addressed, stating that he has been working with Drake, and there is no longer any animosity between the two.

“The message is to send out love and building bridges, and not really separating bridges. We see a lot of bridges being separated in hip-hop all the time…it was a competitive thing; we had fun; it built us and made us stronger and, “Boom!” We touched the stage in Boston and people loved it…we both had fun.”

Meek Mill is definitely on some very positive vibes and is looking to make changes not only in the music industry, but in society as well.

Catch the full interview below!

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