Jay-Z Requesting More Black Arbitrators In Roc Nation Case

Jay-Z Requesting More Black Arbitrators In Roc Nation Case

Photo Credits: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated

Jay say the independent court needs to produces a more diverse list of candidates.

Jay-Z and his reps are currently in the midst of a legal dispute over the branding for Roc Nation. Iconix Brand filed a trademark suit against the rapper. The reason for the suit? The Roc Nation logo ended up on some MLB apparel, without their approval.

He is now countersuing Iconix and say their claims are completely unsubstantiated. Neither side is budging, so the court is now forced to elect an independent arbitrator. The arbitrator will have to choose one side of the argument as the point of conversation and work to settle the case from there.

Now the issue that Jay has, according to a report obtained by TMZ, is that the list of candidates for the arbitrator role has a complete lack of diversity. Basically the list is all white men. This understandably could prove that there may be racial bias in the case if the issue goes unsolved. The court documents also reveal, the initial mock-up contained 200 candidates and none of them were black. After HOV’s initial complaint six candidates of color were added to the waiver. He still isn’t having it though; he wants “More time and more black arbitrators”. We’ll keep you updated on how it all plays out!

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