Cardi B Calls Out Offset to a Rap Battle [WATCH]

Cardi B Calls Out Offset to a Rap Battle [WATCH]

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2018 is the year of rap battles, and the next one is husband versus wife!

Cardi B straight called out her man Offset to a rap battle, in an Instagram video she posted today. The Bronx native set the challenge to take place on November 29th at 12pm on the TikTop app, and said loser has to buy all the Christmas decorations.

“Whoever loses gotta to buy all of the Christmas decorations. All of them, all of them. The one in New York the one in Atlanta, too. Wassup you scared? You scared of wifey?”


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Sooo wasgood @offsetyrn ? 12pm on the 29 on @tiktok 🤔🤔

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The two are a power couple with multi-platinum selling albums, so if this battle goes down it will pop off no doubt. As the supportive wife Cardi is, she confirmed Offset’s album release date to be on his birthday, December 14th. So definitely keep a look out for it this season.